Look Forward to Lunchtime

Look Forward to Lunchtime

Pick up boxed lunches in Killeen, TX

Do you find yourself constantly checking the clock, waiting for noon to roll around? Nothing makes that midday break better than a tasty meal. That's why Bleu Lane Bakery serves up homemade boxed lunches in Killeen, TX. Our yummy meals taste like something mom would pack you - if mom was a professional chef. You'll stay satisfied all day, until you're ready to visit us for dinner.

Ask us about our take-out lunch menu now. You can call us at 254-415-7480.

Pick from an ever-changing take out lunch menu

There's always something new to try on our rotating take-out lunch menu. You can try out our sandwich of the day or one of the classics. Plus, we have sides like sweet peas and potato salad. You'll find all of your southern-style favorites.

Skipping lunch is never a good idea. Order one of our boxed lunches in Killeen, TX today.